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Where Initiates Fail

Where Initiates Fail

By: Chris Garritano

I have seen many people who have initiated on to the path of spirituality and develop great knowledge and understanding only to find themselves lost in foolish behavior. What I refer to as, the Trinity of Wisdom is this; Wisdom is knowledge and understanding put into action.

Whatever density or dimension you believe you are currently in, the truth of the matter is that you are in the physical realm.

All manifestation in the physical is done through our actions and it is our actions which bring consequence through The Law of Cause and Effect or karma as it is commonly referred to. It is wise to know and understand the Divine paradox and act accordingly.

As those who have initiated in the great mysteries and have obtained knowledge and/or understanding we bare greater responsibility for our actions then those who have not. So, what is foolishness? Foolishness is simply when our actions are not based in our knowledge and understanding.
Those who have incorrect knowledge have incorrect understanding and when we put incorrect knowledge and incorrect understanding into action our actions are foolish. If we have correct knowledge and incorrect understanding then when put into actions, our actions are foolish. We must understand that this is a place for spiritual growth, development and learning.

As infinite creator beings the worst that our foolish actions result only in the death of the physical body. One of the greatest advancements we can achieve is when our actions are in line with our correct knowledge and correct understanding, this is the path of wisdom. Where so many seem to stumble into foolishness is when they have achieved a degree of correct knowledge and understanding and think they have become the wise old sage who’s spiritual knowledge and understanding has brought them to the peaks of wisdom only to fall victim to pride and find themselves lying firmly on the checkered floor of Base consciousness.

Free Will is indeed a bitch and to violate the free will of others by believing we are the authority on all things spiritual is the act of the greatest of fools. Now some may think that my words are hypocritical and prideful but it is only a thought understanding the Law of Polarity has given me the knowledge to know that all truths are but half truths and everything I have said is equally as wrong as it is right.

So if you have found some wisdom in what I have written I thank you for making this post a wise choice and if you think I am a fool please disregard what I have written and I wish you well upon your path

Founder, Creator, Dreamer, Visionary, Grunt worker, direct channel, leader, follower, community member. Friend, Brother, Son, Father.


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