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Sustainable Livelihood for Women in India!

Sustainable Livelihood for Women in India!

By: Aniket Vichare 

Ever since India gained independence, the women of the country have played a prominent role in all walks of national life to contribute to its growth. Yet, despite being one of the major agents of India’s growth, the plight of women, from poorer backgrounds in both urban as well as rural areas is quite visible.

Here, we will discuss the importance of sustainable livelihood for women: 

Economic independence
Women from the poorer sections are often exploited by the male members of their families. They are not looked upon as assets but as a burden on their families. NGOs that run programs related to sustainable livelihood for women in Mumbai offer ladies from poor backgrounds with the opportunity to learn some of the requisite skills through which they can set up their own, independent ventures and have a sustainable source of income to support themselves and take care of their families. Economic independence can in a great way help to increase the self-esteem in women and help them to gain the self-confidence essential for making progress in their lives.

Better gender parity
One of the major contrasts in Indian society is that despite being venerated as ‘devi’, women are looked down upon in the patriarchal society. Even today, people from both urban and rural areas give precedence to sons rather than daughters who are often neglected. By providing women with a sustainable source of income, NGOs can help in making women one of the valuable members of families, especially among the marginalized sections.

They will be able to come on par with the male members of their families as a result and their importance and value within the household will increase. The change in people’s mindset will take place as a result and they will adore their daughters in the same ways as they do to their sons.

Greater say in social life
Women are among the marginalized sections not only in developing countries such as India but even the developed world as well. It’s not uncommon to find some of the topmost positions in the bureaucracy and corporate world to be dominated by women. Despite having a lot of caliber, women from poor backgrounds often do not have the required support to develop their mental faculties and contribute to their own growth. By providing them with such an opportunity, NGOs can, at least, make sure that they have a fair share of the society’s resources and can address the issues facing them in a better manner.

Education and awareness of their rights and duties will make Indian women safe from the exploitation which they often face at home and their workplace on a daily basis. They will be able to make a greater contribution to the nation’s growth as a result and will have the rightful claim of being the agents of the so-called transition of India from being a poverty-stricken, developing country to a prosperous, developed one in the years to come.

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