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Psychedelic Medicines?

Michal Oliver is a veteran festival producer and the found of BE In Ear Sound Monitors

Psychedelics and their use as a tool for personal expansion (Spiritual and emotional)
By: Michal Oliver

I’ve decided I’m no longer willing to restrain an overwhelmingly apparent truth of massive importance.

The most effective, direct solution for the vast number of problems facing humanity today:

Is the vulnerable willingness for people to experience Psilocybin Mushrooms and/or DMT from an open-minded place while denying the misinformation/disinformation myths/scare tactics put in place by our mainstream culture.

A very large number of people are already well aware of this knowledge. Especially in our culture of music festivals, open-minded, forward thinking, progressive, spiritual, awareness seeking, change the world, kindness/heart-centered people. But also, many tribal/indigenous cultures and numerous ancient cultures throughout our history are aware of this as well.

Now more than ever, it’s increasingly and widely known that the majority of experiences people have resulting from such, is predominantly some sort of spiritual/profound breakthrough that changes the way people look at life, existence, consciousness, and the big picture of reality itself. You don’t hallucinate, you don’t get “high” like how drugs effect you.

A government approved study by Rick Strassman showed that people who don’t know each other and from diversely different backgrounds consistently reported strikingly similar experiences. This suggests it’s likely that subconscious nor predisposed mindset was not the primary contributor to the resulting experience. (DMT: The Spirit Molecule documentary)

The part of my being that is rooted in honor, truth and integrity is kicking and screaming “Lets stop beating around the bush — lets stop bull shitting and acting like we don’t know better and suppressing what we know to be true.” To be clear, I haven’t engaged in either of these experiences in years and am not someone who frequently utilizes either — But I do recognize their importance and their under appreciated potential for considerable constructive contribution.

Different variations of DMT widely exist throughout nature: a long list of many plants, animals and fungi contain it outright as well as every biome/continent with organic life … But also, so do we! It’s scientifically suggested that our brains produce N,N-DMT in the pineal gland — but it’s now scientifically PROVEN that both our lungs and our liver produce N,N-DMT as well as 5-MeO-DMT. Yet these innate, naturally occurring endogenous neurochemicals are illegal substances banned by federal law… That’s right, a natural part of human physiology is banned! I think that highlights how irrational and illogical this modern-day situation is. There’s a classic Terrence Mckenna quote saying “If DMT is illegal, we’re all holding.” Psychedelic mushrooms also contain other variants, Psilocybin (4-PO-DMT) and Psilocin (4-HO-DMT) which again are not drugs, are not poisonous/toxic, and do not cause hallucinations.

Courageously being willing to give the experience a chance can very much change your life. Not giving power to the ideas that they’re drugs, or that you’re hallucinating, or that you’re poisoned greatly contributes to having an experience of the most optimal benefit. Instead think of it as an intentionally accessible tool for exploring existence beyond the surface value.

People frequently report experiences of contact with sentient intelligence(s) who explain understandings that you’d never believe possible until you see it for yourself. Generally speaking, religions work to indoctrinate you and insist your faith to believe their version — when it appears that genuine spirituality is within and you can see it for yourself to form your own perspective rather than blindly subscribing to external dogmatic influence.

I’ve been heavily conflicted about expressing this openly and publicly for some time now, with concerns of the potential social repercussions, risks of damage to my personal reputation or that of my business’s early state of development. So it is with timid vulnerability that I take this bold and perceptively risky action. That being said, please recognize I do so with only pure and truly wholesome intent, despite whether your personal opinion is in alignment or not.. I am more that willing to discuss, elaborate and explain this perspective but I likewise want to express that I won’t engage in or participate in aggressively inspired argument or heckling.

The most common resistant response is “You don’t need drugs to experience spirituality, I have that connection and experience and I do it without drugs.” With no intention of downplaying how substantial that connection is, see what this experience holds and see for yourself how clearly it presents itself. To say it’s seeking spirituality via drugs, is shortsighted. The truth is, our mental health depends on “drugs” — if you didn’t have sufficient serotonin and dopamine in your brain, you’d be diagnosed with depression from chemical imbalances. We need many things from our environment to survive and it’s irrational to play favorites with things while blacklisting others due to socially implanted bias.

What would the result be if people more commonly did experience such tools? We’d realize that we’re all in this together, that our fates are tied. It would disempower the mindset and practice of selfishness, the “Take care of me and mine” mentality, the struggle that results from seeing others as separate and SO much more.

Additionally, I think it’s time we make this topic a more commonly discussed one. Hopefully more people will approach it with curiosity, look into it, seek to understand it, and learn more from an open-minded as well as logical standpoint.

Just planting seeds.. never know how the ripples may influence growth of our collective humanity. If you agree with the above sentiments, I encourage your to bravely speak up too.. while controversial, it’s wholesome in the most valid sense — Be the change <3

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