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Emergence CreativeSpace is inviting you to receive a free 6 mo. Professionals Level Membership to introduce you to what WE are creating with ECS. This helps us test and improve our programs.

Inspiration! Activation! Celebration! 

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We will send follow-up emails with info to help you get the most out of your experience, and questionnaires & polls that will help us create the most amazing Memberships Program possible.


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ECS is committed to providing you the most powerful, yet easy to use tools to help you create the world of your greatest vision. 

Once you have created your membership profile and directory listings (using the form below) please take time explore the site. 


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FIt is so easy:  (2 Steps, that’s it!)

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Your Membership Bio, Professionals Directory Listing, and Special Offer for other members will automatically be created for you.

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* You can edit your Directory Listing any time, change your profile info and create a sweet deal to offer. Just sign in and head to your Member Dashboard

To help promote your Directory Listing ECS will create “support Campaigns” to share your Listings and Media through several outreach channels.
Including but not limited to:

  •  indiescript Magazine
  •  Portals Podcasts
  •  The ECS Newsletter(s)
  •  ECS/3DL Social Networks

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The continuation of your FREE EXPLORER MEMBERSHIP is based on your creating a profile and directory listing for us to use as test content for the growth of the ECS Membership Program. You will begin creating your Membership profile Immediately once you fill out the form. 

Not all options presented in the list of membership benefits are currently in operation. Over the next few month ECS will be A/B testing several plugins and apps to help make the Membership Experience everything we would like it to be.

We will notify you directly when new tools are available or we have upgraded the Membership Program. We may run into challenges along the way that could be cause for you to recreate Community Profiles, Directory Listings, Special Offers, or Events. All this is in an effort to give you the very best Membership Experience possible.

The Target Dates for Membership Tools to be ready to explore are;

  • Professionals Directory – Currently Available
  • Common-Unity Special Offers – Currently Available
  • Membership Event Posting – Currently Available
  • Promotional Content Submission – Currently Available
  • Community Profile Builder – Currently Available
  • 3DL 2020 Vision Co-Creation Sign Up – Currently Available
  • ECS Social Network – Currently Available but limited
  •  Professional Services and Activist Reference Desk – January
  • Classified and “Have/Need” Boards – January

Future Additions: 3-6 months

  • Fund Raising Programs
  • The Ambassadors Program
  • Virtual Soup (?)

We will be organizing several “Members Forums” to hold group discussion on many of our current and upcoming programs. You will be given the chance to suggest changes, additions, and potential solutions to any “issues” we experience along the way. 


* All EXPLORER LEVEL MEMBERS will automatically receive the option to receive substantial discounts on tickets and vending at the upcoming 3DL 20/20 VISION GATHERING. Information on this will be send to you in an email when the time comes.

Thank you so much for your interest in ECS. WE have come a long way in building this up and are happy to now be ready to take this to the next step, which is inviting you to be a part of this process with zero risk and everything to gain. Your energy is so valuable to this process. 

If you have any issues or questions, please use the CONTACT US message center to let us know what’s up.


ECS is currently creating an Advisory Board to help manage and advance the mission of ECS. We will be sending information regarding inclusion in the ECS Advisory Board. If you have experience in the organizing and facilitating of a board, please let us know. We could use guidance and wisdom in this.

In the near future we may be calling on our ADVISORY BOARD to help create a Board of Directors. 

If you would like to for go the FREE membership for a Paid Contributing Level Membership simply select another Membership level and process the payment. 
Or you can join the ECS Patreon Campaign.