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Welcome to The Emergence CreativeSpace., “A community of inspired people looking for a community of inspired people!”
Please take some time to look around. This project was created to help inspire and encourage Conscious Activism, and to help those who are seeking a more nurturing and supportive community to be a part of.

WE choose who we are and what kind of life we live. Choices are investments in ourselves, our community and the world at large. This is powerful and profound when you stop to really think about it. Where we are personally and as a community because of the choices we have made up to now. There is no way around this. It’s The Law of Cause and Effect.

It’s pretty simple… the exact same Law of Cause and Effect is also what can make tomorrow whatever we CHOSE to make it.
Starting now. We are creating ECS because doing so is a choice that, we believe, can play a part in making it a more vibrant, just and free global society. A diverse, compassionate, intelligent global society. What you find on this site, in our media, at our events… and how we chose to live our lives. This is a community of millions. Billions even. Everyone is a Visionary and an Activist.

In one way or another we are all Visionaries and we are all Activists. We aspire to make better lives for ourselves, our family and our friends. For some this making the small day to day choices, and for others it’s leading groups, projects and businesses that take on larger “Calls to Action”.
ECS is here to help promote and support those who have taken it upon themselves to “do something” about the things that are important to them.

ECS Media is community co-created media that shines a spotlight on inspirational news stories, projects, and people that are doing the “good work” of helping make their lives and the lives of others… better!
Inspirational success stories, reviews, and Interviews with leaders . Fun and engaging articles on Sustainable Living, Natural Health & Wellness, Personal/Spiritual Development, and Community/Culture & Activism. Tips, tools and How To’s helping with everything from growing food to growing community. All written and shared by the people in the ECS community.

The CommonUnity Project is an amazing perk for members of ECS that rewards them for helping make ECS possible when they become a contributing member. The CommonUnity Program offers amazing savings from Conscious Professionals and Social Entrepreneurs all over the country.

* For the businesses and companies found on the card, this is an amazing way to introduce yourself to thousands of people who are looking for conscious and sustainable professionals.

* For Members… find thousands of dollars worth of discounts, giveaways, and special offers from many of the professionals found in the CommonUnity Professionals Directory.

Equal energy exchange, and generating resources that will fund many amazing projects and help support those who help co-create ECS. ECS is a modeled as a Social Entrepreneurship. This means that we are for profit, and that profit is good. So long as we use these resources to build bridges. Some of the tools we will be using are:
– ECS Community Network (Social Media)
– Event Directory
– Members Directory
– ECS Professionals Directory
– Members Only Special Events
– Emergence Events (3DL, Emergence Experience, and Retreats)
– Subscribers Newsletters
– Emergence & Members Marketplace (Store front)