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Goals & Milestones


Visioneering, or turning your VISION into a reality... That's what it's all about, and Emergence CreativeSpace is here to help inspired people share their message and hope.

To help you create "the world of your dreams!" How? By building a first of it's kinds community supported media program that is also a fund raising mechanism for our subscribers and members who are dedicated to "making the world a better place!

GOALS & Milestones

Yeah... we have plans. Lots of plans. We also know how to accomplish them... Check it out! It's pretty sweet!

Website Fluid

The website is the heart of all that we do with ECS. It's both a Portal for great news and info, AND a hub for much stronger community connection.


One of our things we are best known for is creating incredible retreats and festivals that call in the most amazing, inspired leaders together for life changing experiences. Our events are a beautiful blend of Old School Revival, Summer Camp, and Music Festival. See 3DL, 11.11.11. Gathering, and The Emergence of the Whole Self to name a few. In the future we will create online learning programs, virtual events and many more fun events with and for our subscribers and members.

indiescript Magazine & Portals Podcast

Indiescript magazine will be published every month, with smaller "mini-mag" newsletters sent to our subscribers every other week. Portals Podcast will be a weekly inspirational seed, rich with all the wonderful nutrients to grow that seed into a great source of love, encouragement, and inspiration.


The Directory serves as a reference for guests. It's place to find independent professionals that share your values/ The Common-Unity Project is an amazing discount program for our members, from those in The ECS Professionals Directory.


THIS IS THE BIG ONE! After years of renting other facilities for our events, which costs upwards of 15-20K, and never having anything "to show for it" we have a vision of creating an actual "Emergence CreativeSpace". This space will be a home for many co-creators in the ECS, and other, projects. It will aslo give us a space where we can grow food, teach people, and create a safe place where we can create amazing programs, such as the EMERGING LEADERS young people & family "Healing Camp". A summer camp styled program that helps heal kids and families suffering from trauma. Imagine, a summer camp that teaches sustainabiltiy and multi-cultural appreciation! This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we can create once we have this location. WE ARE LOOKING FOR IT NOW.


Through fundraising efforts, community contributions, income generated by product sales, ticket sales, marketing & advertising, ECS is poised to generate a nice, and steady income for our projects, our staff, and our community. We will offer Grants and Scholarships to many up & community start-ups and activist organizations. 33% of ALL PROFITS from ALL our income, will be dedicated to supporting other activists members of ECS. We are dedicated to building bridges of support & growth.

"I have been all over the place and worked on many amazing projects over the years, and I have found that the two things that would help independent projects succeed, are also what they had the least access to... Funding and Organizational Support. ECS is here to provide both. This is why I like to say that ECS is here "being here to support a community in transition."
Scott Bayden Love
Founder of The Emergence CreativeSpace and The Three Days of Light Gathering