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Gamify Your Spiritual Practices

By: David Andrew Rodriguez

“A common theme I observe in people when we experience intense emotional scars is that we forget we have so many available tools at our disposal to utilize.”

For those who have been to workshops, classes, seminars, you all have the tools ready in your hands. Yet you forget or better to say choose to forget we have so many modalities for healing and exploration.

It’s the mind that becomes fixated and chooses to forget. It becomes aloof within the identity. Because hey I am in this identity now and I want to really feel this emotion out.

But you are not the identities….you become so immersed in these masks, we can take a breath and take a step to observe how we are being.

We could write down different healing practices on post-it notes and place them on a wall. There are so many techniques to keep you in a state of awareness yet you still choose to immerse your self intensely into the emotional oceans, and guess what. That is ok too!

Just know that with you being who you are you are making the CHOICE to stay in it because it’s comfortable for you. It’s what you know, it’s what you have grown to be accustomed to. But how has that been working out for you?

Make the choice to create a framework for yourself to remind yourself of all the things you have learned for THIS exact MOMENT!

You are not powerless, you are not a victim, You have so many TOOLS, friends, mentors, teachers on your facebook.

The only excuse I can see is fear, Fear of what is on the other side if you really allowed your self the opportunity to use these tools we have so readily available on a consistent basis to keep yourself in this moment.

Wanting to hold yourself accountable this coming year with spiritual practices, such as meditation, breath work, body movement?

Utilizing an app on your phone and computer to have your own avatar, gaining in-game experience points, in-game items, in-game pets, in-game gold all the while completing real-world tasks, building new and better habits, completing impromptu quests I will be creating for your experience.

In this interactive course to explore your greatest potential, you will be gifted many quests, and habits, breath work exercises, meditations, and other fun activities to inspire you and push you to your own limits while exploring your emotions along the way.

So what exactly are you waiting for? I know you have said in the past you want to find your peace, you want to be happy, you want to feel inspired and motivated.

Why not turn it into a gaming experience where you and many others can explore habit shifting practices and hold your self accountable with phone reminders that come from this game.
All designed around the 5 elements, with reminders and a phone app that incentivizes you completing these tasks.

If you are interested and want to do this with a friend, partner, or relative send me a message and let’s make it happen!

Connect with David and check out his fun and transformational website HERE.

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