HEY! What an amazing day! Thanks so much for wanting to connect with ECS and help us create the most amazing conscious community news and entertainment magazine and conscious network possible.  

Membership gives us something that we BELONG to. It makes us stronger collectively

(many hands make light work) and when we feel connected, we are more confident.


ECS offer the community different ways to become a member based on your level of interest. From a free membership to the 4 paid membership level, we have created a way for everyone who wishes to contribute to be able to.

As a member of ECS you will automatically receive updates and notifications when we release another issue of Indiescript Magazine or Episode of the “Portals Podcast. You will also get first dibs onl offers and automatic entry into giveaways, where you will have a chance to win tickets to events and ECS merch.

If you are interested in becoming a paid member and have access to many more amazing perks and rewards select the level


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