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Episode 5: Elisha Israel

Episode 5: Elisha Israel

Forging the path that creates success!

Elisha Israel

I hope that you get as much out of our conversation as I did.

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You can find Elisha’s current Music Project Dayalu @  www.dayalu.bandcamp.com

My guest this week is a self-described “Global citizen”.

He is deeply passionate about finding and implementing the tools that can help improve our world.

He’s a published author, accomplished touring musician, and has deep roots in the Conscious Festival Culture, where he honed the skills that now help him achieve success.

He is an advocate of continuous improvement and learning as much as he can from his time here on this planet.

In this episode, I get the chance to sit down with Elisha Israel to hear his secret formula for inspiring conscious creation in his friends, his business partners, and himself.

Professionally, Elisha is the Founder and  CEO of ElishaIsrael.com and is a direct response advertiser.

His company has generated millions in sales for his clients.


Founder, Creator, Dreamer, Visionary, Grunt worker, direct channel, leader, follower, community member. Friend, Brother, Son, Father.


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