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Episdode 2: Ash’e Summers of Spiral Roots Sanctuary

Episdode 2: Ash’e Summers of Spiral Roots Sanctuary

Finding Holistic Solutions Through
Herbal Medicine: A Conversations

Ash'e Summers

Finding Holistic Solutions Through Herbal Medicine: A Conversations w/ Ashé Summers founder of Spiral Roots Sanctuary.


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In these uncertain times, we are finding out much about ourselves. In many ways, we are finding out just how fragile we may be, and what sensitivities, soft spots, or triggers we have. 

There is also the flip side to this. We are finding out just how resilient we are, how patient, and how compassionate we can be. We are finding out that we are creative in ways that we never thought we could be, just a few short months ago. 

In many ways 2020 with all it’s strange, it is showing us just how gritty we can be. We are seeing that we are indeed survivors, and we are the descendants of  Survivors who were themselves the descendants… going all the way back in time to that one magic moment where something miraculous happened. Millions of years later, after more catastrophes than you can even begin to imagine, Ice ages, floods, disease, wars, famine… WE ARE STILL HERE. 

You are reading this right now. 

The world around us is filled with other descendants of survivors, and we are all breathing. We are all dreaming. We are all hoping. We are all alive…trying to be better than we were yesterday. Which was already difficult enough before the pandemic, Social Uprisings, Insane Presidential Elections, and the billion conspiracy theories to surf through just to tell your best friend you love them and check up on our peeps.   

Today I had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with the founder of Spiral Roots Sanctuary, who also just happens to be a Professional Touring Vocalist, an Herbalist, and Traveling Tea Lounge Host Extraordinaire,.. Ashé Summers. 

Ashé opens up about the challenges she and her partner Tony have faced while navigating through what is essentially a professional/financial obstacle course. She shares with us how she has managed to find a way to continue to grow her business by adjusting the current moment and providing much-needed products and services that are holistic, all-natural, great for you, and soooo yummy! 

This conversation was so much fun. There is a bit more than an hour here on this podcast but we actually spent over three hours recording. It was a fun and insightful experience that I will not soon forget. 

I learned so much about the healing power of herbs and what it’s like to create the life of your dreams. She tells us what worked for her, and she reflects on some of the moments that were not all that awesome. 

Founder, Creator, Dreamer, Visionary, Grunt worker, direct channel, leader, follower, community member. Friend, Brother, Son, Father.


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