ECS was created because we know that there is
a need for real connection and real support.

"A community of INSPIRED people looking
for a community of INSPIRED people!"

Emergence CreativeSpace = inspiration! aCTIVATION! cELEBRATION

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Inspirational Connections

So here's what we're doing...

Imagine being a network of tens of thousands of inspired, like-minded, and excited people from around the world, sharing their ideas, hopes, and dreams with one another. A community created to help shine the brightest light possible on those “doing the work” and that celebrates co-creation! And that rewards your “Action-ism” with access to special discounts on goods and services you need in both your personal life, and your professional life!

ECS is like a network of superheros who share ideas and resources so that our dreams become real. Yep. That’s what we are here for. 

What kind of world... ?

What kind of world do you wish to create? ECS can help. ECS is much more than a “social network”. There are literally hundreds of those. ECS is more like a social network with a very specific intention, it’s a virtual intentional community.

 Everyone connected with ECS is here with the intention of living a more healthy, conscious, and abundant life. And we are here to support each other while we ourselves feel supported. Social interaction that feels good. A safe place to share your ideas and know people want to hear.





Many Hands Make Light Work!

This has been the key to success for just about every aspect of the ECS Project, from out events to our social outreach efforts. The larger the community the less energy each individual needs to put in. 

The vision or ECS is to create a portal/hub site that includes thousands of like minded people from all around the world, sharing their inspiration and visions with each other so that we can collaborate and co-create the lives, communities, world of our dreams. 

We are in a unique position here. Right now there are millions of brilliant beings all over the earth who are looking to connect with one another. ECS gives all of us a place where we can. Not only that, we take it further by creating media and outreach programs dedicated to showcasing and pointing a spotlight on their “good works” 


Where people get together to share their ideas, something magical happens. The simple act of telling others who you are and what you are about shines a light that helps us all see where we are are going. 

Something else happens too, something so powerful that it can’t be denied. When the community rallies around something or someone we feel that we are unstoppable. That we really can do anything we want. WE really can build the life, community, and world of our dreams. 

I created ECS so that this community has a place to connect with one another… and the tools the share their vision with many others. 

Scott Bayden Love

Founder- ECS and Three Days of Light Gathering (3DL)

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