ECS was created because we know that there is
a need for real connection and real support.

"A community of INSPIRED people looking
for a community of INSPIRED people!"

Emergence CreativeSpace = inspiration! aCTIVATION! cELEBRATION

Well, you are here.  Thanks for being here

We realize that there a million other things you could be doing right now. The fact that you are here lets us both know that the community is growing and that there is a desire for what we are creating here, with ECS. 

Emergence started in 2007 as a community center to bring together all the communities in and around Detroit to connect and co-create together. That was called The Emergence Theater. From there is grew into an amazing network of conscious and inspired people from all over the world and from all walks of life. The next phase of this evolution was The Emergence Earth Project, which played a huge roll in the creation of The Three Days of Light Gathering (3DL); an annual festival held near Asheville, NC. (The next event is will be held in late summer 2020. “3DL: The 20/20 VIsion Gathering). 

Emergence took a back seat to 3DL for a number of years. As the festival grew, so did the amount of time needed to dedicate to it. This was a time of metamorphosis for Emergence. Many ideas and visions were stored and filed away for a later date. Emergence is a dream and vision that is important for the community it serves. It was evolving even when it wasn’t in production. It was decided to take all of 2019 to rebuild and relaunch the Emergence project. It became Emergence CreativeSpace and this is what you are checking out now. Again, Welcome! 

So, what, exactly, are we creating with ECS? 
ECS is an experiment of sorts. One that has been evolving for over a decade now and will continue to grow because it was created for the community to THRIVE and shine a bright light on those who have dedicated themselves to making the world a bit brighter, lighter, and healthy. For EVERYONE. WE know the community is ready to connect and we have the tools, drive and vision to bring it. 

This, in a nutshell, is what ECS is here to help create. Using tools, resources and leveraging the that the idea that “Many hands make light work”. We created a media platform that blends “Conscious (Thoughtful) mass media”, Social Networking and Community Building. Not relying on “influencers” or expensive advertising to get the word out. Instead we rely on the power of the community itself. If they like something they will be attracted to it organically. If they wish to share it, then others will find it, and then chose to participate and then… read this very message that you are reading right now! 

Live. Learn. Love. Grow! 
(See CIVITAS VOX to find out HOW we do this!

Civitas Vox translates to “Community Voice” and that perfectly describes the vision for the media that we publish though the ECS and 3DL network. 

We have created a Community Co-Created Magazine and Podcast created to help shine a light on the many amazing people in this community. With Articles, Features, Interviews, Reviews, and providing a spotlight for Events, Organizations, Businesses, Projects and People. The vision is that there are “Ambassadors of Change” located all around the world sharing many inspirational things happening. Imagine it… a mass media source created by the community to show the community all the sweet things happening. (Read below for more information and details on how we are creating this). For now let’s briefly show you all the other things ECS has in store.

ECS is also: 

  • Social and Professional Directories – to help our members connect with sustainable and conscious professionals & friends.
  • Events Listing/ticketing platform – where our members can find the most amazing, inspirational and transformative events. Members can also publish their events, or recommend events that they want to share. These events will reach thousands of people each month and may be a featured “partner” event. 
  • A Market Place/On-line store front -where our members can share their goods and services. Out vision for this is that we create an economic energy flow for the members of our community who have decided to create abundance in their lives in conscious and sustainable ways. 
  • The ECS Social Community of Subscribers – Much like other social media sites, ours serves the purpose of helping people introduce themselves to the rest of the community. But there is a twist. We encourage our subscribers to use their profiles to introduce their ideas and inspirations, projects and visions using their profile. 
  • An Activists Reference Center for many amazing ACTIVIST tools that our members can use to help promote and support their projects. This will include links to How To’s, instructional videos, Community Forums, and access to fund raising tools and information. All create with the intention of Empowering Activists. 
    (See Goals & Milestones for more details)


Each issue of the ECS Magazine will feature many articles, and other media, submitted by members of the ECS community.

All media submitted for publication will be peer reviewed and voted up for publication. Or they will be voted down with suggestion for edits or request for fact checks and support. 

This process will take from 2 to 3 months, so if you are interested in submitting something for publication please submit it no less than 4 weeks before the publication date (Usually 1st – 3rd of each month.) This is important to know if you are sharing time sensitive information or looking for support an upcoming goal.

CIVITAS VOX is both a spotlight and a lens on the many amazing people, projects and organisations who are doing “the good work”. ECS is a channel that promotes and supports these good works. We help take these good works to as many people as possible. THOUSANDS each month will be introduced to these ideas. using our internal (ECS) networks and our external social and professional reach. 

Now multiply this by all the inspired people in these communities, YOU INCLUDED, and you will see the potential for how many people will see, read, and be inspired by your works or the people you write about

  • Immediate Goals: (Between now and Jan. 1st 2021)
  • Publish Monthly Issues of the ECS Magazine “Civitas Vox” featuring dozens of articles and content provided by the ECS community.
  • Produce weekly Podcasts that acts as a lens for those people and organizations found in the magazine.
  • Get Emergence Events working to the point that others are sharing their events with an option of selling tickets to our community.
  • Plug in hundreds of People, businesses and organizations to the ECS Directories.
  • Raise subscription base to 5000 profiles.
  • Have staff to manage and grow ECS.
  • Create a board of members

Mid-Range: (1-3 years) 

  • Grow Subscription base by 200 – 300 each month.
  • Continue producing and publishing monthly magazine issues and weekly Podcasts.
  • Create the 20/20 Vision Gathering and continue to create an annual gathering where the ECS Community can meet up in person.
  • Expand Emergence Events to include retreats created by ECS.
  • Create Affiliate/Ambassadors program to provide income opportunities  for Members. 
  • Start the ECS Scholarship program. We will reserve 10% of profits to be used as Micro-Grants and scholarships for members of ECS who are creating amazing projects and works that benefit society.

Long Term (3 years and beyond):

  • Attract a minimum of 10,ooo new subscribers each year. 
  • Host annual events and retreats for the members of ECS to bring the community together in person.
  • Expand the Emergence Media reach to include Video production and Television. 
  • Develop the Emergence CreativeSpace Event and Education Center. This space will function as the host space for ECS related events. It will also be the home of a retreat center/hospice space for our members. 
  • Start the Emergence Family Healing Camp. Using the property of the ECS Center we have a vision for a summer camp-like experience for “at risk” children and their families. With a focus more on play than therapy, we will introduce children and their families to many of the healing and lifestyle options found already attributed with ECS and our projects. 

These are but a few of our goals and milestones, but I am sure that you get the gist of our vision. Which, just to state it here… is to create a healthy, vibrant and safe space for people from around the world to “live, learn, love and grow” in. 

Of course we can not do this alone. If you want to be a part of this, or at least stay up to date on what we are doing, Please be a part of the ECS community and take the time to create a profile (HERE)

Just by doing that you are helping us achieve all the goals listed here… and many more. 

“One Event Really Can Change Your Life!”

In the past 8 years we have produced 10 incredible transformational experiences that have changed to lives of the participants. We need to take 2019 off to focus on the Emergence CreativeSpace, but we are gearing up now to get right back into creating powerful experiences for our community. 

There are two parts to the Emergence Events aspect of ECS.

  • Events that we produce.
  • Events that are produced by our members. Know as “ECS Event Partners”

 As a member you will be presented with the chance to help co-create incredible experiences that will impact the lives of the attendees in amazing ways. You will also be made aware of many other, just as amazing, events that are produced by the people of this community. 

Members will be able to purchase tickets to many of these events through the Emergence Events Portal.  All the events, both ECS Produced and Members Produced will be promoted through all the channels that ECS creates.  

One of the perks of Subscriptions and Membership is an automatic ticketing discount on all of the ECS produced events and many of the events created by members.

CALL TO ACTION ALERT:  Want to help create the next 3DL Gathering.
If you are interested in co-creating the upcoming 3DL: 20/20 VISION Gathering then CLICK HERE

I guess It’s time to ask you a couple questions…
1) Do you believe that we, the collective we, as in Humanity, are doing the best that we can or do you believe that we can do better and make better choices?

2) Would you like to be a part of a community that is not only inspired to make better choices, but also promotes and celebrates these amazing choices? 


So you are excited and inspired now! Good! YAY!

The next thing is to Subscribe! It’s easy. Fun. Thought provoking and really gives you the sense that your life now has more purpose than it ever has before! Ok… that’s a bit much, but… it is definitely a great start. 

Once you subscribe you will automatically start getting new and information on ECS via your email AND you will have the chance to create your own profile thought the ECS Social platform.  Take a few minutes to do this thoroughly. There are a couple reasons for this; the first being that we will start randomly selected profiles and posting them as “Featured”. Well, it’s not completely random… we will be selecting from the most inspiring and complete profiles.

You can also take a minute to sign up to become an EVENT CO-CREATOR and you and even sign up to be a content creator for ECS, CIVITAS VOX magazine, Portals Podcast and more.

Here’s how:

Inspirational Connections

So here's what we're doing...

Imagine being a network of tens of thousands of inspired, like-minded, and excited people from around the world, sharing their ideas, hopes, and dreams with one another. A community created to help shine the brightest light possible on those “doing the work” and that celebrates co-creation! And that rewards your “Action-ism” with access to special discounts on goods and services you need in both your personal life, and your professional life!

ECS is like a network of superheros who share ideas and resources so that our dreams become real. Yep. That’s what we are here for. 

What kind of world... ?

What kind of world do you wish to create? ECS can help. ECS is much more than a “social network”. There are literally hundreds of those. ECS is more like a social network with a very specific intention, it’s a virtual intentional community.

 Everyone connected with ECS is here with the intention of living a more healthy, conscious, and abundant life. And we are here to support each other while we ourselves feel supported. Social interaction that feels good. A safe place to share your ideas and know people want to hear.





Many Hands Make Light Work!

This has been the key to success for just about every aspect of the ECS Project, from out events to our social outreach efforts. The larger the community the less energy each individual needs to put in. 

The vision or ECS is to create a portal/hub site that includes thousands of like minded people from all around the world, sharing their inspiration and visions with each other so that we can collaborate and co-create the lives, communities, world of our dreams. 

We are in a unique position here. Right now there are millions of brilliant beings all over the earth who are looking to connect with one another. ECS gives all of us a place where we can. Not only that, we take it further by creating media and outreach programs dedicated to showcasing and pointing a spotlight on their “good works” 


Where people get together to share their ideas, something magical happens. The simple act of telling others who you are and what you are about shines a light that helps us all see where we are are going. 

Something else happens too, something so powerful that it can’t be denied. When the community rallies around something or someone we feel that we are unstoppable. That we really can do anything we want. WE really can build the life, community, and world of our dreams. 

I created ECS so that this community has a place to connect with one another… and the tools the share their vision with many others. 

Scott Bayden Love

Founder- ECS and Three Days of Light Gathering (3DL)

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                                          How to get involved with ECS 

1) Sign up for a FREE Subscription. From there you will start getting the ECS “Portal” newsletter sent to your email every month. Created as a mini-version of the ECS “CIVITAS VOX” magazine. Complete with links to the FULL magazine, Portals Podcast and special offers. (SIGN UP HERE!)

2) Sign up as a contributing member of ECS. We offer several options for paid memberships (for those who want to contribute financially to the ECS Vision and Mission, Starting at less than ten cents a day. (GET MORE INFORMATION HERE!)

3) Become a content contributor. Write an article that showcases an amazing organization or project? Have news about an upcoming event? (SIGN UP HERE!)

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