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Insightful & Entertaining

You are intelligent and cultured. We know that you want to connect with fun and inspiring News, Events, & Information that FEELS GOOD and Gets you excited and activated.

Part of our mission is to help create  energy + current (currency) within a community of inspired creatives. 

ECS is a Multi-Media resource for you to put a spotlight on your visions and dreams and to share our talents and skills.

To Gather Together... Emergence Events.

ECS loves bringing people together. Something incredible happens when we get together. They are best described as “Global Family Reunions“. 

We celebrate life together. Emergence Events!

A New Wave Emerges...

The Emergence CreativeSpace is an interesting blend of Social Entrepreneurship and a Virtual Community Center.

And it’s an experiment! What kinds of awesomeness can we create when we are more connected and more focused?