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The big picture mission for Emergence is nothing short of global transformation. We envision a world where we are measured by the fruits of their labor and our contribution to society. We want to live in a peaceful, fair and just society.

Emergence CreativeSpace is a playground in the imagination. It’s where we get to ask the question, “What if…” and then play around with that for a bit, experimenting with thought energy to see what WE can discover. So, I guess ECS is also a bit of a laboratory, too.

I like the term “Philosophical Fantasy Becoming Real!”, to describe it! Yeah…. That’s accurate.


ECS’s part in this is providing people a place to connect and share their vision and projects. We also provide tools needed on this journey. What kind of world can we create now that we have the chance?

Pretty lofty, Yes. Why not?

What if… we lived in a world where we all feel accepted and valued? Where we know we don’t have to worry about hate or injustice? Where we are free to live the lives of our dreams and there is no divide between the haves and the have nots? What would this be like?

Is this something that we will see in this lifetime? Who’s to say? Maybe. Is it something that our children will experience? That is possible too. There is no telling, really, when this shift will occur.There are some who believe that it is already happening right now, today. That every time someone learns to make “better choices” the world is one step closer to this vision. I tend to agree with this, as every choice made is a pen stroke in the story of us, and collectively they tell the story of who we are as a people. Our intentions do not do this… our choices do.

There is a such thing as a critical mass. According to the internets… a Critical Mass is The minimum size or amount of something required to start or maintain a venture.”a communication system is of no value unless there is a critical mass of users“.

In other words, when enough of us believe that WE CAN then we can, and we will. And this applies to EVERYTHING!

Regarding this shift in consciousness, the more people who know that it is not only possible but is already happening then the more it happens. When enough people live “a more conscious” life it then become the culture. Already there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people around the world who are already contributing with their energy and their efforts, to this Critical Mass. YOU are one of them. One of us. This is a global, multicultural, multi-faceted gem. What is this magic number that we need to reach? It’s a big number, I will give you that, but it’s still ONLY 21%. It may take years to get to 21%, but in the moments immediately after we reach 21%, it spreads out from there in an instant, relatively.

This is what inspires me the most, KNOWING that can make this “Lofty” goal a very plausible reality. With this said, this is where the Emergence CreativeSpace (ECS) comes in.

The Emergence CreativeSpace is here to SHINE A LIGHT on those beautiful people from around the world who are, through their works, adding to this Critical Mass. This includes, but is NOT limited to, Organizers, Producers, Volunteers, Business Owners, Non-Profits, Social Activists, Artists, Teachers… and more.

On this note, we believe that there are more than enough resources for EVERYONE to thrive. We also believe that those resources are to be earned. Without contribution, in whatever way we possibly can, there is no value. People contribute in different ways. Each bringing to the community stew their own special flavor. Everyone’s contribution looks different too!

As you check out this website, please keep in mind that there are MILLIONS of people, just like you, who are not only ready for a change, they are actively creating it. Again, with every choice they make!

We now have a few questions; How many people can we reach? How quickly can we reach them? And How do we include everyone who wants to be a part of this project?

So that’s pretty much the What and the Why behind ECS, below this letter you will find more on the HOW.

Thank You so much for being here. Just by reading this you are adding energy to this process. If you would like to take another step in helping this along, please consider becoming member. (Information below).

So, welcome to ECS. I would like to invite you to share your vision with us. Become a part of this and contribute your energy to helping us create the most powerful media tool possible to help expand the bubble of conscious (thoughtful) change.

In gratitude,

Live. Learn. Love. GROW!

~ Scott Bayden Love

Founder/Director of ECS, Emergence Events, and The Three Days of Light Gathering (3DL)

Many hands make light work!

Why membership is important…

Before we get into all the amazing things ECS is creating, we want to take a moment to let you know that ECS is set up to be a “Social entrepreneurship”. That is a for profit business that uses the “3 P’s” when making all our business decisions. (People, Planet, Profits)

By becoming a Member you are investing in the vision and potential of ECS, and the community we serve (YOU AND YOUR PEEPS!) You are saying that you would like to see a program that helps to promote a culture of support and prosperity. Thanks for being here. “This is how we doooo it!”

Membership gives us something that we believe in and belong to. It makes us stronger collectively (many hands make light work) and when we feel connected, we are more confident.

You have different membership levels that you can choose from, based on your level of interest. There is a free option and 5 paid membership options. Our paid members are what makes the ECS vision possible. Each of our members are INVESTING in what we are creating, knowing that what we are creating is an investment into the community.

To find our more on our MEMBERSHIP program, CLICK HERE!

Hey there! Don’t want to become a member yet, but want to stay connected to ECS? We totally get it.


and now the


Multimedia Outreach

Magazine and Podcasts

indiescript Magazine

indiescript magazine is our monthly publication that features many inspired people, from all walks of life, and puts a spotlight on their works and creative efforts.

With regular monthly columns, articles & stories, along with interviews, announcements, and featured programs, each issue of indiescript magazine, in concert with Portals Podcast, will be like no other media combination out there. We are of, by and for the people who support ECS. We connect the people with the people!

If you would like to submit a written work, other content for publishing in ECS’s indiescript magazine or Portals Podcast, you can FIND OUT MORE HERE

Portals Podcasts

The vision for Portal Podcasts is to offer our members a unique experience by giving them access to our Emergence Presents… podcasts, and a few that are produced by our members and shared with the community through ECS Portals Podcasts.

ECS Presents… Podcasts will be a mash up of various Podcasting styles. From in depth features on important subject matter, to Light interviews with some of the most intriguing leaders, teachers and activists we know. With Music and Art Features, event news and information, contests, and so more.

More information will be released about Portals Podcasts soon.


ECS Directories & Common+Unity

ECS Directories

We are compiling a list of independent conscious creators from all walks of life.

We can share what we offer and find others who are offering what we need. Our members know that the people, businesses and organizations they find in the ECS Directory are amazing people who are also supporting ECS in one way or another. And also supporting the community.

The ECS Directory is a categorized list of professionals and organizations who share the same vision and outlook as ECS and our members.

When the Directory is filled with thousands of creators, you will find everything from Sustainable Builders for hire to clothing made by independent designers. The vision is that there will be Directory listings that provide the goods or services that you need, wherever you may need them.


This project has been a dream for years. The idea is to create a membership based discount program, very similar to the AAA or AARP membership cards, only exclusively focusing on independent business owners and artisans. This will be offered by our members to our members. It will also keep money energy IN THE COMMUNITY.

There is also an important ACCESS TO HEALING aspect to this program. We will have a section that focuses on Natural and holistic healing practices. This will introduce our members to healing modalities they never knew existed before ECS. Not only that we give members an incentive; they will get discounts on good and services provided by many of the practitioners they read or hear about through the media of ECS

Finally, there is a Fundraising aspect to the Common+Unity Program. We are not prepared to speak to this at this time and will be releasing information about this soon. SIGN UP for a membership to get more information.


Newsletter and Mailing Lists

Members Newsletters

ALL members, including free memberships, as a perk, get weekly news & updates through our newsletters. These will include links to featured articles, podcasts, event announcements and more.

How you are able to respond and which benefits you have access to depends on your membership level. For example, we may issue ticket giveaways or discounted merch that would only be available to certain paid membership levels. 

Mailing Lists and Privacy

 ECS will never share your information with any outside party or organization. We will ONLY use what you share with us to help provide you with all the news and updates regarding ECS and the community as a whole.


Emergence Ambassadors

Energy in = Energy out

The question is… how do we go about making sure that people who contribute to helping ECS grow are rewarded? It has to be in ways that helps them as much as they help us?

The Ambassadors Program is the answer to this question.

We are are currently working out the details for the Ambassador Program so there is not much we can tell you at this time. Please check back soon for details.

If you would like to be notified when we release information simple create a membership. (Remember, there is a FREE option. This will put you on our mailing list.)

Call to Action

We are starting small, but with a huge heart. As we grow we are going to need inspired people with a vast array of skills to really make this work.

If you are interested in connecting with us and bring what you have to offer to the table, then please contact us and introduce yourself. We would love to hear from you.


Emergence Events & 3DL Presents…

Emergence Events

We are a community that loves to CELEBRATE! There are so many choices out there, when if comes to events. We want to provide our users the chance to find the kind of events that they are looking for.

Featuring Conscious and Transformational gatherings that are referred by our members or staff, our members will know that the events listed on the Emergence Events Website have the ECS Seal of Approval! Those who list their events with us will have their event listed on ECS and Emergence Events.

3DL Presents…

We built the ECS community/network, now in the tens of thousands, by creating many intimate, yet powerful, “family reunions” over the past decade. And we are not stopping any time soon. We may take breaks from time to time but we will always seek to connect with each other as frequently as possible.

Our next event will be a return to form for The Three Days of Light Gathering.

News and info coming soon.


Our Goals & Milestones

The number one goal we have is to provide connections and inspiration to the people. How we do this is by creating projects and programs that people use to help them in their daily lives.

We have a lot of goals. As many as our imaginations can keep coming up with. But there are a few that we consider our “road map”. On the left you will see them as bullet points.

Goals & Milestones:

  • Publish 1 new issue of indiescript Magazine each month, and 4 new podcasts. One per week.
  • Have the Ambassador Program engaged in the 3 months.
  • Hire 4 people to help manage ECS in 3 months from the Premier. Then hire 1 more each month thereafter.
  • Have 1000+ Directory Listings in 6 months from Premier Issue of indiescript is released.
  • Have 2500+ paid members in 12 months from the Premier Issue of Indiescript is released.
  • LONG TERM GOAL: Create a physical Emergence CreativeSpace community retreat center and event space.
  • Use this space to create At Risk Youth & Family Healing Programs and Camp Experiences.


Why two sign up options?

You may have noticed that we offer our members two options on how to sign up for membership. The Patreon Page, and directly through the website.

It’s all about preferences. Some people just feel better signing up though Patreon. the Like the process and the functionality of it. Other people want to deal directly with us, don’t want to use a third party.

We started this process with patreon as a part of the vision. And so when we add the onsite membership sign up we just decided to keep it. We are working on a way to create a Patreon Experience for everyone, but directly through the site.

“There’s an app for that!”

Everyone who signs up though Patreon will also get the onsite membership profile and social media experience with the ECS GET SOCIAL aspect of the website.

Thanks for checking out emergencecreativespace. If you would like to to help us grow, become a member on Patreon!

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