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Emergence CreativeSpace (ECS)

Mission Statement: The Mission of The Emergence CreativeSpace is to create a multicultural

support system that provides connection, information and inspiration for a community in transition.

Community of Visionaries

We are all visionaries. Every person who has ever dreamed of a better experience for themselves, their families, their communities and or the world.

Emergence CreativeSpace also has a vision and it is that these visionaries have access to what they need to create the world of their dreams.

Select 50 Professionals

  • FREE 6 mo. Professional Level Membership (CommonUnity Lvl.)
  • FREE CommonUnity sign up
  • FREE Professionals Directory Listing
  • FREE Emergence Events Listing
  • FREE CommonUnity Support (Media/Promo)

A/B Test Plugins

  • Directory, Social, Members, Market Place


  • Publish (test) I.S. Magazine issues (Nov. & Dec) | Full (Premier) Jan. 1st
  • Test Episodes of Portals Podcast (Nov. & Dec.) | Premier Jan. 1st
  • Wkly. “Emergence Community News” Newsletter (Starting in Nov.)
  • E.C.S., through our magazine, podcasts, directory, event listings, community gatherings, social media,

newsletters and The Common+Unity Program, E.C.S., provides inspiration, activation and celebration.

Indiescript, Civitas Vox, & Portals Podcasts


indiescript Mag

indiescript magazine is our monthly publication that features many inspired people, from all walks of life, and puts a spotlight on their works and creative efforts.

With regular monthly columns, articles & stories, along with interviews, announcements, and featured programs, each issue of indiescript magazine, in concert with Portals Podcast, will be like no other media combination out there. We are of, by and for the people who support ECS. We connect the people with the people!

If you would like to submit a written work, other content for publishing in ECS’s indiescript magazine or Portals Podcast, you can FIND OUT MORE HERE

Community Voice

Civitas Vox is the people shining a light on the communities around them. There is no way that ECS can keep track of all the amazing projects and people everywhere. So we invite YOU, and others, to submit their ORIGINAL content (Articles, Podcasts, Videos, etc.) for publication as part of ECS.

Portals Podcasts

The vision for Portal Podcasts is to offer our members a unique experience by giving them access to our Emergence Presents… podcasts, and a few that are produced by our members and shared with the community through ECS Portals Podcasts.

ECS Presents… Podcasts will be a mash up of various Podcasting styles. From in depth features on important subject matter, to Light interviews with some of the most intriguing leaders, teachers and activists we know. With Music and Art Features, event news and information, contests, and so more.

More information will be released about Portals Podcasts soon.


ECS Directories

Common+Unity Directory

Membership based discount program, very similar to the AAA or AARP membership cards, only exclusively focusing on independent business owners and artisans. This will be offered by our members to our members. It will also keep money energy IN THE COMMUNITY.

There is also an important ACCESS TO HEALING aspect to this program. We will have a section that focuses on Natural and holistic healing practices. This will introduce our members to healing modalities they never knew existed before ECS. Not only that we give members an incentive; they will get discounts on good and services provided by many of the practitioners they read or hear about through the media of ECS

Finally, there is a Fundraising aspect to the Common+Unity Program. We are not prepared to speak to this at this time and will be releasing information about this soon. SIGN UP for a membership to get more information.

Professionals Directory

We are compiling a list of independent conscious creators from all walks of life.

We can share what we offer and find others who are offering what we need. Our members know that the people, businesses and organizations they find in the ECS Directory are amazing people who are also supporting ECS in one way or another. And also supporting the community.

The ECS Directory is a categorized list of professionals and organizations who share the same vision and outlook as ECS and our members.

When the Directory is filled with thousands of creators, you will find everything from Sustainable Builders for hire to clothing made by independent designers. The vision is that there will be Directory listings that provide the goods or services that you need, wherever you may need them.



ALL members, including free memberships, as a perk, get weekly news & updates through our newsletters. These will include links to featured articles, podcasts, event announcements and more.

How you are able to respond and which benefits you have access to depends on your membership level. For example, we may issue ticket giveaways or discounted merch that would only be available to certain paid membership levels. 


 ECS will never share your information with any outside party or organization. We will ONLY use what you share with us to help provide you with news and updates regarding ECS.


Emergence Events:

We are dedicated to creating the most amazing, life-changing events for everyone that attends. From the participants to the co-creators. And we want the energy and rewards to last far beyond the few days that we are blessed to experiences each other. This is why we have created the following relationship between The Emergence CreativeSpace and The Three Days of Light Gathering (3DL).

For one, only ECS Subscribers and members will be called to create Emergence Events, of which 3DL is one.

This includes: Staff, Volunteers, Artists. Facilitators, Light Support, Specialty Spaces (Healing Village, Yoga Village, Kids Village, etc.), Musicians, Street Team & Promotional Support.

All co-creators will receive Ambassador Level Membership leading up to and for one after the event they help create.

1) Member of ECS can get a % off their 3DL Event tickets or Vending. The % off is based on the level of their memberships and how long they have been members.

2) Ticket buyers and vendors will be offered a % off ECS memberships.

3) Membership discounts will be based on 1st come 1st served.

4) A limited number of tickets from each price tier will be offered to members.

5) Ambassador Level Members may act as booking agents for ECS, offering tickets and vending for sale. They will be rewarded with a commission from each ticket sale.

6) All discounts will be based on the current tier at the time of purchase.

7) There will be a limited number of total tickets available for purchase to each member.

Energy in = Energy out

The question is… how do we go about making sure that people who contribute to helping ECS grow are rewarded? It has to be in ways that helps them as much as they help us? The Ambassadors Program is the answer to this question.

We are are currently working out the details for the Ambassador Program so there is not much we can tell you at this time. Please check back soon for details. If you would like to be notified when we release information simple create a membership. (Remember, there is a FREE option. This will put you on our mailing list.)

Call to Action

We are starting small, but with a huge heart. As we grow we are going to need inspired people with a vast array of skills to really make this work. If you are interested in connecting with us and bring what you have to offer to the table, then please contact us and introduce yourself. We would love to hear from you.

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