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We will post content submitted by the community to the Civitas Vox portion of ECS. We may include select content to be included in indiescript magazine.

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Be sure to include any images or videos you would like included in the post. We do not want to have to fish for them. Use the "Add Media" button to select the media you want to use. * Note: The media will drop wherever you have the cursor when you click the add media button. You can add more than one file and you can adjust the size and location of the image/video.

Please self edit

We are on a deadline every month. We do not have the time or manpower to edit your post. We may send you a request to edit again before submission. We suggest that you write the content on a document and then copy and paste it to this form. Be sure to write your name in the "Author Name" or it will credit ECS as the author.

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