A Community of Inspired People Looking for
A Community of inspired people!

We Are A Village of Conscious People.
Our Village Just Happens to Be Global!

Open Heart. Open Mind.

People who are attracted to what we are doing with ECS are the kind of people who hold out hope that WE can evolve, consciously, into a kind of GLOBAL community we can be proud and honored to be a part of. 


Being Human Beings

How amazing is OUR STORY? A single planet, floating in space, filled with BILLIONS of people who are finding out just how BRILLIANT life is when we fully accept our equality and unity (Common+Unity).

The Emergence CreativeSpace Social Platform was created so that we can find and connect with many other inspired people as we explore this world and this life… together. 

What's the Difference...

between my FREE Subscription and a paid Membership?

Joining the ECS Community of Subscribers is a kin to reaching out and saying “Hello! Here I am. Nice to meet you.” to thousands of other in the community. It’s FREE and you can start building your profile immediately. Your profile is like your face to the community. It’s where you can share who you are, what you are into, and you can also share your projects, dreams and inspirations there. 

All members and subscribers. BUT, not all subscribers are members. 

Here’s how it works:
A “Member” is someone who loves what ECS is creating for the community and chooses to make a financial contribution that supports the ECS site, those creating ECS, and the community. There are special rewards that members have access to that subscribers to not. Such as; Free-Bee’s and Give-Away’s, Discounted Merch and tickets, a say in the direction ECS takes in the future, and many more. 

Both our Subscribers and Members are crucial to the growth and expansion of ECS. When we refer to “the ECS Community” or “The ECS Family”, we mean ALL of us! We are here together, consciously co-creating are more vibrant, just and open culture for us, our families and all our Earth Mothers Children. 

ECS is more than a “virtual” community. For years we have been meeting up at least once a year since 2011.

Over the years literally 1000’s of people from around the world have use our events as safe and inspirational meet up events.

The 2016 Three Days of Light Gathering "Activation!"

Get Info On Our Next Event: 
The 20/20 Vision Gathering

"One Event Really Can Change Your Life!"
Scott Bayden Love
Co-Creator of Emergence CreativeSpace and The Three Days of Light Gathering