about us

The Emergence CreativeSpace started as a support and networking page, on facebook, for The Emergence Earth Project and the Three Days of Light Gathering. Created as a way to help people share their vision and efforts with each other so that support and inspiration was just a click away. 

Over the years it has become much more. 

The Emergence CreativeSpace is now a multifaceted community “Showcase” where people can not only connect and share ideas, they can publish their works with thousands of people via all the resources ECS provides. (See right)

This is all about consciously co-creating a more vibrant, sustainable, healthy and culturally diverse world that we ALL “Live, Learn, Love & Grow!” together in.

This is all created to support a community and the creation of a more sustainable, healthy and vibrant world that we all can feel good about, live in and share with one another.

Want to help create something amazing? 
Please become a subscriber via our Patreon page. We have created a nice reward system (Perks) that will continue to grow as ECS grows. 


Community Co-Created Magazine: Dedicated to being a spotlight for the people making a difference in the world.

Community Directory: Groups, organizations, businesses and inspired individuals who are models of the kinds of activists that can change the culture and create a clear path toward a more sustainable world t share.

Podcasts/Radio Show: Focusing on conscious discussions about issues and solutions. Interviews with active members who are creating new and exciting project and programs that are making a difference in the lives of many.

ECS Community: Social Networking platform that connects our subscribers and members to help build bridges in communication that make it possible to share our visions.

Members Marketplace: A showcase for the good and services of our members. There is also the Emergence Marketplace where you can find ECS merch and sponsored products.

Common+Unity Directory: A memberships perk that helps our members get access to affordable natural healing modalities by providing a members discount. But the Common+Unity Directory is not limited to just the healing arts.

All our members at the Common+Unity level can showcase their projects, programs and businesses to reach thousands of potential clients and customers.

Mission Statement: 

The Mission of The Emergence CreativeSpace is to create a multicultural support system that provides connection, information and inspiration for a community in transition.

A community of visionaries...

We are all visionaries. Every person who has ever dreamed of a better experience for themselves, their families, their communities and or the world.

Emergence CreativeSpace
also has a vision and it is that these visionaries have access to what they need to create the world of their dreams. Our vision is that E.C.S., through our magazine, podcasts, directory, event listings, special community gatherings social media, newsletters and The Common+Unity Program, E.C.S., provides inspiration, activation and celebration. As in, they are celebrated and honored for their courage, tenacity and resourcefulness.

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