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November 2020

One man, and the mission to save the world with his Yummy Hotness! (Amongst other things!) David Rosenthal This episode has been published and can be heard everywhere your podcast is available. PURE FIRE FOODS WEBSITE Facebook Instagram  Find Emergence CreativeSpace:  Website: emergencecreativespace.com/ Facebook: facebook.com/emergenceearth Instagram: instagram.com/emergencecreativespace/ Did you like this episode? Please help us keep ECS and Portals Podcast going by

Finding Holistic Solutions Through Herbal Medicine: A Conversations Ash'e Summers Finding Holistic Solutions Through Herbal Medicine: A Conversations w/ Ashé Summers founder of Spiral Roots Sanctuary. SpiralRootsSanctuary.com  facebook.com/SpiralRootsSanctuary/  Did you enjoy this episode? Then please support Portals Podcast by becoming a Patron. FIND OUT MORE HERE. In these uncertain times, we are finding out

Discovering Solutions For Educating Our Children In the time of Covid! Danica Joan In the podcast, I drop a few links as potential resources that parents can check out. Hopefully, they can help them be a bit more prepared for the coming year. Powerschools.com/timeforteachers myviewboard.com/distancelearning I am also going to